2023 Donations

Not only do we offer financial support to local deserving causes, we are also a service organisation providing assistance, such as, helping with bucket shakes for other charities, marshalling at civic events e.g. the Remembrance Sunday Parade, providing transport and entertainment for our more senior residents

Our donations in 2022 currently amount to £60,954 in addition to our support of food banks of over £6,000

Our support in 2023 to date amounts to £26,638

January: £19,100
  • £6,000 in supermarket vouchers and £544 in specific support to families in need
  • £4,500 to the food banks fuel poverty efforts from funds raised by our Weathering Winter Together campaign
  • £6,750 to North Guildford foodbanks including a £50 anonymous donation
  • £1,250 from Enterprise Rent a Car to the Momentum charity to complete their family room refurbishment project at RSCH
  • £600 the Lighthouse Specialist centre for deaf children towards the costs of running their minibus 
February: £4,680


  • £500 to Lions International Foundation towards earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria
  • £2,000 to Guildford Shakespeare Company to assist with the purchase of a new van.
  • £500 to a single mother of two following rehousing due to domestic abuse via Home Start Support worker
  • £500 to a family in Ash Vale, via Surrey Children’s Services Support, for a replacement washing machine.
  • £150 for a tumble dryer for a family in Wood Street via Home School Link Worker
  • £498 for two wing back chairs for residents in Stoke Hospital
  • £768 to food banks
March: £2,858
  • £??? in support of Guildford and Godalming food banks
  • £500 to Guildford Halow charity for their garden project 
  • £850 to the GASP Motor Project run for disadvantaged 14 to 19 year olds from their base in Albury
  • £740 in humanitarian donations to local families



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