2024 Donations

We offer support, financial and non-financial, to local causes including charities and humanitarian cases.  We are also a service organisation providing assistance, such as, helping with collections for other charities, marshalling at civic events e.g. the Remembrance Sunday Parade, providing transport and entertainment for our more senior residents

Our donations in 2024 currently amount to £10,938 including £4,319 to food banks in Guildford and Godalming.


January: £3,266
  • £1,000 donaton to Guildford Acton for cold weather clothing for their clients.
  • £500 to Headway charity
  • £350 to halow charity, match funded by the owners of The Boathouse, Millbrook
  • £350 for floor covering, via Henry Smith Charity
  • £1,066 to Guildford and Godalming Food Banks.
February: £5,830


  • £1,000 donaton to Guildford Shakespeare Company for their Educaton and Outreach Service which
    visits local schools encouraging year 5 children to write, produce and perform their own version of
    Shakespeare’s plays.
  • £2,400 to Pirbright School Nurture Farm to allow visits from other schools and disability groups to
  • £1,000 to Guildford Acton for winter clothing and other needs of struggling families in Guildford area.
  • £300 to Lions district youth projects.
  • £400 for therapy sessions for a UK Forces veteran living in Bramley with mental health issues.
  • Two laptops have been given, one to a refugee family and another to a local resident via Voluntary
    Action SW Surrey
  • £730 to Guildford and Godalming Food Banks.
March: £862
  • £100 donaton for clothing for Godalming resident, via Social Prescribing Link Worker.
  • £200 donation towards training for a young skier, potential national junior. (see News item)
  • £562 to Guildford and Godalming Food Banks.



April: £2,430
  • £1,000 donation towards provision of new primary kit bags for Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance.
  • £400 donation for therapy sessions with horses for child, via SENDCo of Merrow Schools Federation.
  • £250 donation to Dyscover, a local charity providing speech and language support groups for local
    stroke victims.
  • £150 donation for double bed from Furniture Link for local resident, via Adult Mental Health Services.
  • £630.50 to Guildford and Godalming food banks
May: £3,550.50
  • Food Banks £750.50
  • Merrow Junior school £250
  • Guildford Action summer activities £2,000
  • Humanitarian case: music lessons for 16 yo boy, £400
  • humanitarian case; domestic items for rehoused family with issues £150
  • Lions International projects;  LIBRA £500, Eye camps £250, Water Aid £250
June: £1,998
  • Guildford and Godalming food banks £598
  • £1,000 to Hedger’s Almshouses, Merrow, to equip garden room for residents.
  • £400 to victim of domestic abuse for purchase of secondhand bed.
July: £830


  • £250 to 13 year old representing England’s juniors at the World Darts Competition.
  • £580 to Guildford & Godalming foodbanks.
August: £


September: £


October: £


November: £


December: £