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Helping Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance (KSSAA) to develop its night flying service

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Air Ambulance

April 2023

Air Ambulance Kent Surrey Sussex was adopted as a District project by the Lions Clubs in South East England in 2012 and since then Clubs have raised £400,000 for this cause.

 The service was launched in 1989 and the current annual running costs are £16.6 million with 87% of this being raised by charities, companies and individuals in Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

 Since its beginning, AAKSS have attended over 40,000 incidents and currently the service is responding to over 3000 incidents a year. They have three helicopters and four rapid response cars, the latter being used when weather conditions or terrain are not suitable for the helicopters.

 Amongst the items that the £400,000 raised by the Lions Clubs of South East England has funded are:

 The purchase of three Volvo XC90 vehicles

  • Special Night Vision glasses which have allowed the service to fly 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Portable Head Scanners

  • Tempus ALS monitors/defibrillators

 Currently Lions Clubs are raising funds for two projects.  To purchase 20 new Kit Bags for a cost of £18,000, the old ones, carrying 16kg of equipment, are getting worn out and a new design will increase durability and functionality.  Also six new portable Ultrasound Units for a cost of £21,000.

 Each year Guildford Lions Club makes a donation to this life saving cause.


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