Air Ambulance

Helping Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance (KSSAA) to develop its night flying service

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Air Ambulance

Guildford Lions Club, along with many other Lions Clubs in the South East have raised £250,000 to help Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance (KSSAA) To develop its night flying service.

The Club supported the Surrey Air Ambulance when it was based at Dunsfold and when it was amalgamated with the other county services the major shortcoming was an inability to fly at night.

Special equipment, including several pairs of night vision goggles, at £17,000 a pair, extra staff, training and more, needed financial support and various fund raising efforts have been made by Lions Clubs across the south east.

Adrian Bell, CEO of KSSAA, said ”The Lions are amazing partners for the charity and have shown considerable fortitude, enthusiasm and imagination in raising this funding in just over a year. The equipment we are now able to purchase is an integral part of saving people’s lives and I cannot thank the Lions enough, they are outstanding.”

With part of this money, they were able to purchase two fast response vehicles to support the night operation, ensuring their enhanced care team can reach patients who need them throughout the night.

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