Guildford Lions Classic Car Display
Sunday 7th April 2024
Sponsored by Heritage IMA mortgage brokers, Merrow, Guildford

75 classic cars from 1920s to 1980s were on display in Guildford High Street in our charity classic car display.  Organiser Vic Quaye told BBC News Surrey ”  …people like to see what their dad used to have or what grandma used”.

Vehicles on display included; a Ford GT40 replica of the car that won Le Mans 24 Hours race in 1960 was of particular interest – not that many people’s dads had one!  Another famous Le Mans car was the  AC Corbra (as featured in the Ford b Ferrari Hollywood film), a 1922 Trojan, three Armstrong Siddeleys and a Fiat Topolino know as “the little mouse” in Italy.

Citroen 2CV CharlestonA rare Citroen 2CV Chareston in yellow and black was one of only 25 believed to be in the UK.

The weather stayed kind, i.e. no rain, but a bit too blowy to erect the planner gazebos.

Thanks to all our advertisers and if anyone would like a souvenir programme we may still have a few left over.

More photographs courtesy of Harry Wickens can be found here