Do you take your laptop for granted? COVID-19 has presented us all with challenges and Guildford Lions Club quickly recognised during the first lockdown in March 2020 that some in our community were suffering personal setbacks simply because they could not access a laptop. For example, children were unable to do their schoolwork, adults had difficulty applying for fresh employment opportunities and some people, often vulnerable and living in isolation, didn’t even have a screen to see their loved ones on.

Eager to make a difference and in line with our motto, We Serve, we launched an appeal to the public and local businesses for unwanted laptops, generating 130 offers of help in the process. Thank you!

Working with schools, social services, Guildford Borough Council and other bodies we are delighted to announce that we have, to date, donated 40 refurbished devices to those in genuine need.

Always keen to work with local business’ we are forever grateful for the incredibly generous and invaluable specialist support provided by Matt, Tina and the amazing team at Unigold2000 in Jacob’s Well, along with Andy, a local IT expert who dedicated many hours of his own time to the project.

If you have a laptop that you no longer need, we’d love to hear from you to see if it can be refurbished and given to someone who will value and make good use of it. Please see our Contacts Page.

We regret we do not accept PC’s, printers or accessories and we do ask that all devices donated are capable of being upgraded to Windows 10.

To make life easy we will safely collect the laptop from you at a time convenient to you. We will, of course, also ensure the device is professionally cleaned of all personal data and upgraded before going to its new owner.

Thank you.